CT Scanner

At Kent Smile Studio we are committed to moving with the times and embracing advances in technology. Our aim is to ensure clients are met with the best possible treatments and services. That is why we are proud to have an in-house Sirona XG3D scanner, which represents the highest grade in dental imaging equipment.

What is the Sirona XG3D scanner?

The Sirona XG3D CT scanner is a state-of-the-art scanning machine, which produces incredibly detailed images of the mouth. The scanner can generate images in just 14 seconds, reducing the time needed to make a diagnosis and arrange appropriate treatment. The XG3D scanner produces high resolution images and is much more advanced than conventional X-rays. The scanner can identify problems and early warning signs that may have gone unnoticed by traditional imaging equipment.

What are the benefits of the Sirona XG3D scanner?

The introduction of the Sirona XG3D scanner at Kent Smile Studio has numerous benefits for both patients and dentists:

  • Quicker results: in just 14 seconds the scanner is able to produce a detailed 3D image, which enables prompt diagnosis and earlier treatment planning.
  • Safer option: the scanning unit emits an extremely low dose of radiation, which is lower than traditional machines despite generating a better quality image. Patients are understandably worried about the issue of radiation, and so we are proud to offer a scanner with such an exceptional safety record.
  • Improved patient understanding: the Sirona XG3D scanner allows patients to gain a better understanding of their oral health and treatment they require. Dentists can use the detailed 3D images to explain any problems or early warning signs, and talk to patients about how they can be treated.
  • Peace of mind: this level of patient education helps to ease patient anxiety. Enabling the patient to understand what is happening and why is essential for improved patient and dentist interaction.
  • Greater accuracy: the Sirona XG3D scanner increases the accuracy and speed of diagnosis, meaning patients can receive prompt treatment.
  • Early warning signs: the detailed images allow dentists to spot early warning signs of developing conditions.
  • Assist other treatments: the scanner is also extremely useful during the process of fitting dental implants, especially in complex cases.
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