White Fillings

Cosmetic White Fillings

Kent Smile Studio offer a relaxed setting in which you can receive the dental filling treatment you need from a team of qualified and caring dentists. We offer a no-obligation consultation to discuss tooth filling options and to check your teeth for cavities, gaps and irregular shaping.

White fillings are made of dental composite synthetic resins and are used as healthy and attractive alternates to amalgam fillings, because of their aesthetic and restorative characteristics. White fillings are chosen and designed to match your tooth colour, texture and translucency and some fillings are made out of ceramics.

Amalgam fillings are composed of a combination of metals, such as mercury, silver, copper, tin and zinc, which can often leak in the mouth and expand, causing teeth to break. Nowadays, it is standard practice to remove these metal fillings as a safety precaution. Replacement with composite white resin fillings is a healthier option aimed at improving oral and overall well-being.

Benefits and Risks of White Fillings

White fillings are mercury-free and can be used with dentin and enamel bonding to fill holes in teeth and also reshape teeth to their natural looking form and white shade. The tooth structure is strengthened by the composite white filling, which does not leak or expand like amalgam.

Depending on the condition of your teeth and oral health, deeper fillings, crowns or inlays may be needed. Our team will evaluate your oral health and advise you on the most appropriate dental treatment for your tooth irregularities. We pay particular attention to technique when treating white fillings to reduce any risks in sensitivity.

White Filling Process

Before your tooth/teeth are filled, your dentist will clean your teeth surface to remove any tartar or plaque build-up in preparation for the white filling bonding. Cotton rolls are placed in your mouth to dry the cleaned tooth surface. Thereafter, phosphoric acid gel is rubbed over the tooth to etch the surface for better composite bonding.

Dental composite is selected and shaped by the dentist into a white filling that adheres to your tooth/teeth, forming part of your natural teeth shape and structure. Your dentist chooses the appropriate amount and shade of composite resin before moulding the resin with fillers to make the white filling. A curing light activates the composite, hardening the filling to merge with the existing tooth as the composite sets.

Your dentist then polishes and buffs your teeth with the white filling so that if feels as smooth and natural as your own teeth.

Use of White Fillings

White fillings made with composite acrylic resins have a number of uses in dentistry treatment. White fillings can be used to replace amalgam metal fillings, to restore chipped or broken teeth, fill teeth cavities and gaps and are used as a veneer. Larger cavities may need alternate dental treatments, such as inlays or crowns, as the composite may not be strong enough to sustain healthy tooth structure. At Kent Smile Studio we are here to talk with you so that you can make the right choices for your dental care.

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