The Implant Process

Initial Consultation

After discussing possible alternative treatments, your own dental surgeon will refer you for an initial consultation (this may be from the practice itself). At this appointment an x-ray is usually taken and an assessment made of the feasibility of providing implants for you. The sequence of the treatment and the full cost of each stage will be discussed.

Template Preparation

Accurate models are prepared of your mouth and the areas requiring implants. A template is constructed for the next stage so that the implants can be precisely positioned.

Augmentation Procedures (if required)

Following the loss of natural teeth, the underlying bone may slowly diminish. If insufficient bone remains, a variety of techniques are available to create new bone before implants are placed.

Placement of Implants

This is the actual operation to place the implant fixtures under the gum. These form the foundation and fulfil the same function as the roots of your natural teeth. This operation can be performed with you awake under local anaesthesia or with sedation, which makes the treatment easier and more pleasant.

Exposure of Implants

After a 3-6 month period to allow the implants time for full integration with your bone structure, the top of the implant can be exposed. This involves a small operation usually carried out under local anaesthetic. The gum is left to settle for two weeks after which the implants can be brought into function.

Restorative Treatment

This stage is carried out at the same time as the exposure and uses the implants to hold/retain the replacement teeth. Impressions are taken and the restorations are constructed at a specialist dental laboratory. The types of restorations vary greatly, from a simple crown for a missing tooth to full dentures that are kept more firmly in place by two or more implants. In more complex cases, it is possible to construct full mouth fixed bridges using multiple implants and create a full Smile Makeover.

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