Kent Smile Studio is proud to offer clients a range of advanced dental technology, which now includes the effective Cerec system. Cerec is a revolutionary system that enables dentists to design, manufacture and fit new, custom-made restorations on the same day.

The process of fabricating and fitting a new restoration would normally take approximately two weeks. This would involve the dentist creating impressions and moulds of your teeth, which are sent to a laboratory and then fitted upon the return of the finished article. Cerec eliminates the need for this timely process and allows dentists to fabricate the new restoration on-site.

How does Cerec work?

Cerec uses state-of-the-art software to turn digital images of the mouth into detailed 3D models of the teeth, which are then used to design and manufacture restorations. This technology can be used to create bespoke veneers, inlays, onlays and crowns. Before your tooth restoration is designed and fabricated, the dentist will prepare your teeth. But, instead of creating moulds using dental putty, they will take photographs of your teeth using a special camera.

Once the patient and dentist are settled on the design of the tooth, the specifications will be sent to the in-house milling machine and the restoration manufactured. The milling process takes a maximum of 30 minutes and once the restoration is complete, it can be fitted and fixed securely into place.

The restorations are fabricated from ceramic blocks, which are available in a range of different shades. The Kent Smile Studio team can help you choose the correct shade that matches the natural colour of your teeth for a beautiful, seamless look.

What are the benefits of Cerec?

  • Speed: patients can benefit from their new restoration on the same day at Kent Smile Studio.
  • One visit: the complete process of designing, manufacturing and fitting the new restoration is complete within one visit. This reduces the number of visits to the studio. This also means only one injection of local anaesthetic is needed, which is welcome news for a majority of patients.
  • Greater control for the dentist and the patient: Cerec technology allows patients to have a say in the design process, and dentists have complete control over the final result.
  • No need for temporary restorations: patients are normally advised to have temporary restorations while they await their permanent restoration from the laboratory. However, Cerec enables patients to benefit from their permanent restoration immediately.
  • Increased patient comfort: the entire process is comfortable with Cerec. Fewer visits are required, only one injection is needed and there is no need to use putty impressions. Patients are also invited to get involved in the design process to ensure effective results.
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