We Offer Sedation For Anxious Patients Near Chatham

At Kent Smile Studio near Chatham we want all our patients to feel relaxed and reassured when they have dental treatment. We know that many patients feel nervous or anxious when they need treatment and we offer sedation to help nervous patients feel calm and confident.

What is IV sedation?

IV sedation is a technique used to help people relax when they have medical or dental procedures. It involves injecting sedative medication into a vein in the arm. Sedation is a means of bring the body and mind into a state of relaxation; it does not make you lose consciousness and you will be able to breathe independently. When you are sedated, shortly after the injection, you will start to feel a little drowsy and then very relaxed. During the procedure, you will not feel pain and it is likely that you will not remember much after treatment.

Why is sedation beneficial?

Sedation can be hugely beneficial for patients who suffer from nerves and anxiety when they need treatment. Any procedure can be daunting and if you already suffer from dental phobia or severe anxiety, the mere thought of going to the dentist may fill you with dread. Sedation helps to make you feel calmer in the run-up to treatment, as well as during the actual procedure and this makes future appointments less of a worry.

Sedation is also beneficial for patients who are undergoing complex treatment, as dentists are able to work for longer if they are sure that patients are relaxed and comfortable. Sedation can also be effective for people who dislike going to the dentist due to having an over-sensitive gag reflex.

If you’ve been putting off going to the dentist or you dread every appointment and regularly postpone appointments due to anxiety, we can help. Call us today to find out how sedation could help you.

Get Rid Of Wrinkles Effectively With Our Facial Rejuvenation Treatments Near Aylesford

At Kent Smile Studio near Aylesford we understand the importance of looking and feeling good and we offer the latest anti-ageing facial rejuvenation treatments to boost your confidence and give your skin a radiant glow.

If you’re interested in banishing wrinkles and lines or giving your skin a boost, why not consider Botox or filler treatment?

About Botox

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments; it is injected into the skin to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and lines and create a smoother, younger looking complexion. Botox helps to prevent lines by restricting the contraction of the muscles in the face.

The procedure is simple and non-invasive and the results are temporary, so you have control; it is up to you when and how often you have treatment once the results have worn off after around 6 months.

About Restylane

Restylane is a filler, which uses substances found naturally in the body to add volume to the skin and create youthful definition and a youthful glow. Restylane is an effective treatment for sunken and dull skin, lines and wrinkles and it can also add plumpness to the lips.

The treatment process

The treatment processes for Botox and filler treatment are very similar. A fine needle is used to inject filler or Botox into the problem zones, which may include around the eyes, between the nose and mouth, around the mouth and the forehead. The procedure should not be painful, but if you are worried about needles, we can apply a mild topical anaesthetic to numb the skin before treatment.

After treatment, the results will start to become visible and they should last around 4-6 months for Botox and 6-9 months for Restylane. After this period of time, it is very easy to top up treatment; simply give us a call and book your appointment whenever is convenient.


We Offer Smile Makeover Treatment For A Brand New Smile Near Rainham

If you’ve been unhappy with your teeth for as long as you can remember, or you’ve recently chipped or broken some teeth or noticed that your teeth look dull and yellow, now could be the perfect time to consider a smile makeover. At Kent Smile Studio we have experience and expertise in creating beautiful, healthy smiles and we have a range of treatments at our disposal to help you design your perfect smile.

Our smile makeovers

We offer a bespoke smile makeover service and aim to produce the perfect smile for all our patients. Everyone’s needs and ideals are different and we work with you to choose your treatments and design your new smile.

If you have chipped, worn or discoloured teeth, you may wish to consider veneer treatment.

Our high grade porcelain veneers can be used to address a number of aesthetic issues and they produce stunning sparkly smiles.

About veneer treatment

Typically, a veneer makeover takes two sessions. During the first treatment session and the consultation, we will go through the treatment process with you, discuss your treatment aims and choose your veneers. Once you are ready to proceed, we will create impressions of your teeth, which will be used as a template for your new veneers. Around one week later, the teeth are buffed in preparation for the new veneers; this involves contouring the surface of the teeth to make space for the veneers. Once this stage is complete and the veneers are ready, they will be fitted and your brand new smile will be complete and ready to show off to the world!

If you are interested in a smile makeover or you would like to find out more about how veneers could transform your smile, call us today!


Tooth Restoration With Cerec Technology For Parents Near Gillingham

We are delighted to offer patients same-day restorative treatment thanks to the amazing Cerec technology. Gone are the days of waiting weeks for a new crown; now, you we can restore your smile in a single session!

What is Cerec?

Cerec is a form of advanced technology, which allows us to design, create and place bespoke new restorations all in a single day. Traditionally, the restoration process takes around 2 weeks, as moulds of the tooth are sent away to a laboratory and then the finished restoration is returned to the practice. With Cerec, we are able to complete the entire process on-site.

If you need a new restoration, we will use a state of the art camera to take images of your tooth. These images will then be converted into highly detailed 3D designs by computer software and sent to the on-site milling machine, which is responsible for manufacturing the new restoration.

When can Cerec be used?

Cerec is a versatile system, which produces a range of custom-made restorations, including veneers, inlays, onlays and crowns.

What are the benefits of Cerec?

Cerec offers a wide range of benefits for patients and dentists. For patients, treatment time is reduced significantly, costs are lower and accuracy is improved. Patients spend less time in the dental chair and as treatment is completed in a single visit, there is no need for multiple injections. For dentists, there is scope for greater involvement in the design process, treatment time is shorter and the process is quicker, more accurate and much less messy, as digital images are used instead of dental putty! This is also beneficial for patients, as many dislike the sensation of having putty in their mouth, especially those who have a very sensitive gag reflex.

If you would like to find out more about Cerec at Kent Smile Studio, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

We Offer Modern And Discreet Invisible Braces For Patients Near Rochester

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We understand that when people think about orthodontic treatment, they may have concerns about their image and presentation. For some people, the thought of wearing highly visible, fixed metal braces are daunting and unappealing and they are left in a quandary about whether or not to go through with treatment. Now, you don’t have to face this dilemma; we offer amazing invisible braces to give you the smile of your dreams without having to worry about the aesthetic of your smile during the treatment process. If you’ve been reluctant to get treatment in the past or you’ve been holding out for a miracle invisible treatment, now is the time to give us a call and find out all about our exceptional discreet braces.

Our invisible brace treatment

We no longer offer the Clearstep system, but we are delighted to offer a new invisible aligner system. Rather than wearing visible, fixed braces, which comprise of brackets and wires, our aligner system uses a series of light, functional and aesthetically pleasing aligners to move the teeth.

The aligners sit over the top of the teeth and they are made from transparent plastic, which makes them an extremely appealing alternative to traditional fixed braces. Nobody will even know that you are wearing braces and at the end of your treatment, your smile will look amazing!

What are the advantages of invisible aligners?

The obvious advantage of invisible aligners is that they allow you to have treatment without anyone being able to see the brace; this means that you can get on with day to day life without worrying what other people think or how you look. Aligners are also less restrictive than traditional fixed braces and they use state of the art technology to move the teeth gently. Our aligners are not made from metal and clients get used to them very quickly. The fact that they are removable is also beneficial, not just for those that appreciate a bit more freedom during the treatment process, but also in terms of oral health. It is easy to keep the aligner clean and you can brush your teeth normally one you have taken your aligner out.



The In’s And Out’s of Dental Implants For Patients Near Chatham

At Kent Smile Studio near Chatham we pride ourselves in offering clients the very latest treatments and we are delighted to offer the incredible All-on-4 implant system. Also known as same-day teeth and teeth-on-a-day, this is an amazing treatment, which offers all the benefits of dental implant treatment in one single treatment session.

What is All-on-4 and how is it different to normal dental implants?

All-on-4 is a dental implant system with a couple of major differences to standard implant treatments. Firstly, this system uses just four dental implants to support a new arch of teeth, while traditional systems use between 6 and 10 implants. The second main difference is the speed of treatment; usually, implant treatment takes several months, but this treatment takes just one day.

How does All-on-4 work?

All-on-4 has been designed with speed, convenience and comfort in mind. The system uses the strongest bone tissue at the front of the mouth to provide maximum support for the implants, which reduces the number of implants required and maximizes stability; two implants are located at the back and two implants are located at the front of the mouth. Usually, the implants are placed at 90 degree angles, but with this treatment, the two implants at the back of the mouth are positioned at 45 degree angles, which increases anchorage.

Who can benefit from All-on-4?

Most people who have a large number of missing teeth can benefit from All-on-4 treatment and it is particularly beneficial for patients who have had troubles with dentures in the past. In this case, the new teeth are help firmly in the place by dental implants, in a similar way to natural teeth being anchored by tooth roots, and this prevents slipping, reduces the risk of irritation and enables you to enjoy all the functionality of healthy, natural teeth.

Call us today to find out more about the amazing All-on-4 system and our incredible special offers!

Get A Glamorous Sparkling Smile With Our Smile Makeover Treatment Near Chatham

Do you dream of a sparkling new smile? Are you eager to transform your smile for 2014? If so, why not treat yourself to an amazing bespoke Kent Smile Studio smile makeover near Chatham?

We use the latest veneers to create a brand new, radiant smile and the best news is that in most cases, only two appointments are required.

Our smile makeovers

We use ceramic veneers to transform any teeth into beautiful pearly whites; we use the latest techniques to design your new smile and we are always eager for patients to share their ideas and have input in the finished outcome of their new smile.

Before treatment can begin, we invite patients to attend a consultation, during which your dentist will discuss the ins and outs of the treatment, examine your mouth and chat to you about the treatment and your expectations; please feel free to ask any questions and to share your ideas.

After the consultation, the impressions of your teeth will be taken in a process known as the wax-up; the moulds will be sent to the laboratory and then returned, ready to create your new smile.

Veneers are fixed to the existing teeth using dental adhesive; this process is not painful and we will check that you are happy with your new veneers before we secure them in place. Before the veneers are placed, the teeth will be prepared to make room for the veneers; this is a fairly simple process, which involves buffing and contouring the teeth.

If you have discoloured, chipped or worn teeth and you feel it’s time to give your smile some TLC, why not give us a call today?




The Most Safe And Discreet Method Of Fillings Treatment Near Gillingham

If you have a cavity, it is likely that you will be advised to have a filling; fillings are a form of restorative treatment, which repair the tooth and help to make it stronger and more resistant to decay and injury in the future. In the past, most people chose to have metal fillings, but now, white fillings are much more popular. Fillings are a common treatment for tooth decay.

About white fillings

White fillings are so-called because they are a similar shade to the natural white colour of the teeth; your dentist will use composite material to fill the tooth and match the filling with the colour of your teeth as closely as possible so that the filling cannot be detected when you smile. White fillings are made predominantly from composite material, which can be shaped and moulded while in putty form.

We recommend white fillings as an alternative to mercury amalgam fillings, as they are safer, more environmentally friendly and more aesthetically pleasing; unlike metal fillings, you will not be able to notice a white filling when you open your mouth to speak, cough or smile.

How are fillings fitted?

The procedure to fit a filling is not complicated and it should not be painful; in most cases, it is complete within an hour and the results are very impressive. Before the tooth is filled, the cavity is cleaned thoroughly and any decayed tissue is removed; bonding material is then placed inside the cavity and the cavity is etched; the composite is then poured into the cavity and shaped to fit the hole; at this stage, it is in soft putty form. The composite is then set firm using a powerful curing light; this only takes a very short time and it is not painful in any way. Once the filling has hardened your dentist will trim it to make sure it sits in the cavity perfectly.



We Have A Range Of Treatments Available For Dental Phobic Patients Near Rochester

At Kent Smile Studio near Rochester we want our patients to feel relaxed and confident when they have dental treatment. We know that undergoing dental treatment can be a scary prospect for many and we offer IV sedation to help nervous patients to feel calm when they have dental treatment.

What is IV sedation?

Sedation is a technique used to help patients to feel relaxed; it is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from serious anxiety and dental phobia. IV sedation is administered directly into the vein and the effects of the sedative drugs take effect very quickly.

Sedation is not the same as general anaesthetic and it does not carry the same risks; rather than making patients lose consciousness, sedation merely induces a state of calm and relaxation and it also helps to prevent patients from feeling pain during the procedure. If patients wish to, they can communicate with their dentist during treatment.

What happens after treatment?

The effects of sedative medication can take a while to wear off completely and we advise patients to arrange for somebody to accompany them home after the procedure and stay with them until the effects have fully dissipated. It is important not to drive, drink alcohol, operate machinery or sign any legal documents for at least 24 hours following sedation.

Sedation can benefit many patients, including those with a fear of pain, the dental drill or dental treatment in general; it can also be a comforting prospect for those who are undergoing a long course of treatment and those with a sensitive gag reflex.



We Offer A Range Of Dental Care Plans For Patients Near Rainham

At Kent Smile Studio near Rainham we understand that our patients are busy and we have created dental plans to make regular dental care easy, hassle-free and affordable. We offer different plans to cater for the needs of all our patients and we are happy to discuss our dental plans in detail if you wish to call the practice or pop in.

Our dental plans

Our dental plans are designed to make dental care easy; we offer the Maintenance Plan, which is available for £12.80 per month and provides a host of benefits, in addition to two routine check-ups and two hygiene sessions per year to ensure that your smile is healthy and bright. In addition to these appointments, the plan also offers discounts on other treatments, access to emergency care and insurance for emergency callouts and problems you encounter when traveling overseas.

We also offer the Hygiene Care Plan, which is available at a monthly cost of £20.95; this plan offers all the benefits of the Maintenance Plan with two additional hygiene treatments per year.

What are the advantages of dental plans?

Dental plans remove all the stress of trying to fit in appointments, remembering when you need a check-up and paying for appointments and they make it simple to invest in regular dental care, which is a great way of keeping oral diseases at bay. In addition to offering routine check-ups and hygiene treatments, our plans also offer incentives, such as insurance and emergency dental care, which provides peace of mind for patients whether they are at home or abroad.

If you would like to find out more about how our dental plans could benefit you, please give us a call today!