Boost Your Confidence With Our Range Of Cosmetic Treatments For A Stunning New Smile Near Rainham

One of our main aims is to ensure that our clients feel happy and confident when they smile. We often see patients who have shied away from the limelight and hidden their smiles because they are conscious of the appearance of their teeth and we make it our mission to find solutions to aesthetic problems and transform smiles and boost self-esteem. With our amazing range of cosmetic treatments, we are sure that we can find a solution for any dental woe and we look forward to designing your new smile with you.

Our treatments

We offer an array of cosmetic dental treatments to address aesthetic flaws, enhance the natural beauty of the smile and create brighter, more beautiful smiles. Cosmetic dentistry is purely focused on the look of the teeth and gums, but it can also have major implications for the way you feel and we love seeing the difference our treatments can make to our patients.

Our treatment list includes facial aesthetic treatments, tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, white fillings, cosmetic bonding and smile makeovers. We can make minor changes, such as lightening the shade of the teeth or repairing a chip, or bring about a complete transformation using a smile makeover.

Which cosmetic treatments would be best for me?

The choice of cosmetic treatments is increasing all the time and we are confident that we have a treatment that will benefit any patient who wants to improve the look of their smile. It’s impossible to say which treatments are best because patients have different needs and what is best for one client, may not be suitable or necessary for another; however, if you arrange a consultation, we will be happy to have a chat with you about different treatments, explain how they work and discuss possibilities if you have problems that you want to treat or ambitions for a new smile.


The Innovation Of Laser Dentistry For Patients Near Chatham

We are really excited to offer laser dentistry at Kent Smile Studio. We are eager to keep up with innovation in the world of dentistry and laser treatment affords us the ability to carry out a number of procedures quickly, accurately and painlessly.

About laser dentistry at Kent Smile Studio

We use the Quicklase Power Pen for a number of different procedures here at Kent Smile Studio. We are able to employ this technology to detect and treat gum disease, to spot warning signs of tooth decay and for cosmetic dental treatments, such as gum reshaping. We also use laser technology for sterilisation purposes.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry for patients?

Laser dental treatment has a number of advantages for patients. With laser technology, treatment is quicker, more accurate and cleaner than traditional methods and in many cases, the process is much less daunting for those who suffer from dental anxiety. Often, laser treatment eliminates the need for drilling, which makes treatment quieter and a lot more appealing for those with a fear of the dental drill.

Many patients also worry about having dental treatment because of a fear of injections and with the Power Pen, there is usually no need for needles because laser treatment eliminates the need for incisions. Without incisions, there is no pain; there is also a lower risk of infection and recovery time is much shorter. Without anaesthetic, patients can also get back to their day to day life straight away without worrying about dealing with unpleasant numbness or worrying about when they’ll be able to eat after treatment.

Laser treatment is also more accurate than traditional treatment methods and there is a lower risk of damage to surrounding structures.

Why We Use IV Sedation Near Chatham

We offer IV sedation at Kent Smile Studio as a means of enabling patients to feel relaxed and comfortable. With sedation, we are able to offer reassurance to patients who feel nervous and anxious and we can also carry out more complex procedures, which can be daunting for patients.

About IV sedation

IV (intravenous) sedation is a treatment used to help patients to feel relaxed before and during treatment. It involves injecting medication intravenously, which induces a state of calm on the body and prevents patients from feeling pain during a procedure.

Once your dentist has injected the medication, you will start to feel drowsy and a bit out of it, but you won’t lose consciousness and you will be able to talk to your dentist if you want to. Sedation is not the same as general anaesthetic because it doesn’t make you unconscious; instead, you feel very calm and as though you are drifting off to sleep.

When we use sedation

We use sedation on a regular basis to treat nervous patients and to make patients feel relaxed in the run-up to invasive or complex procedures. It is common for us to offer patients the opportunity to undergo sedation for procedures including dental implant placement and wisdom tooth extraction.

We can also offer sedation for patients who suffer from dental phobia. Our dentists have expertise in treating nervous patients and they have experience and advanced training in using IV sedation

What happens after sedation?

After the procedure is complete, your dentist will give you medication to bring you out of your sedated state and you will start to come around and feel more alert. As the effects of the sedative wear off, you may still feel slightly drowsy, but you will be able to go home once we are happy that you are fit and well. We ask you to arrange for somebody to sit with you and accompany you home, as you won’t be able to drive for 24 hours and you may need a little help when you get home. It’s advisable to avoid exercise, drinking alcohol or operating machinery for at least 24 hours after undergoing sedation.

State Of The Art Software And The Art Of CEREC Near Gillingham

At Kent Smile Studio, we’re proud to use the latest technology and state of the art software to produce beautiful smiles and healthy, strong teeth. With Cerec, we’re able to offer clients same-day crowns, inlays and onlays and veneers, saving you time and enabling you to enjoy the perks of restorative treatment without delay.

Cerec technology takes care of the entire process of designing, manufacturing and fitting new restorations and allows us to do everything on-site, rather than sending impressions away to a dental lab. Cerec uses state of the art software to create accurate designs for the new restoration, which are then sent to the milling machine, where the restoration is fabricated.

The benefits of Cerec

The main benefit of Cerec is the speed of treatment. With traditional methods, treatment usually takes around 2 weeks, as moulds are sent away to the dental lab, the restoration is made by dental technicians and then returned to the surgery. With Cerec, everything is controlled by computer software and the technology enables the entire process to be carried out on-site in a single day.

The treatment process is also simpler, cleaner and more accurate than traditional methods. Usually, patients have to have putty moulds made to create new restorations, but with Cerec, photographs are used, making for a much more comfortable appointment for patients.

Cerec also means that patients can enjoy the benefits of the restoration straight away without having to wait for two weeks; the speed also means that there is no need for temporary restorations.

With only a single appointment required, treatment with Cerec is also more convenient, as patients don’t have to worry about scheduling a series of appointments.

How We Work With Nervous Patients Near Aylesford

Most of the patients we see are nervous about having dental treatment and we are used to seeing patients with severe anxiety and those who have not seen a dentist for many years. We are a very understanding and compassionate team and we pride ourselves on doing everything we can to reassure and comfort our patients and prevent them from feeling any pain.

We use the latest techniques, including sedation, to calm nerves and make patients feel comfortable during treatment, and we also offer facilities and amenities at the practice to help patients to feel at home. Our clinic is modern with all the latest multimedia technology, we invite you to bring music, DVDs or relax with a magazine and we are on hand to provide you with a drink. We can also offer consultations to chat about treatment beforehand and give you an opportunity to meet the dental team and get a feel for the practice.

What is IV sedation?

IV sedation is a technique used to help patients feel relaxed during a medical or dental procedure. The procedure involves injecting sedative medication into a vein to induce a deep state of calm. With sedation, you’re not unconscious and you will have some sense of what is going on, although you won’t feel any pain and you probably won’t remember much after treatment.

Sedation can be really beneficial for nervous patients, not just when they have treatment, but also in the run-up to treatment, as patients are reassured by the fact that they won’t feel pain.

What can I do if I’m a nervous dental patient?

If you’re very nervous about seeing a dentist or you suffer from dental phobia, we are here to help. We will work with you to help you overcome your fears and get the treatment you need with minimal hassle and stress. Simply call us and speak to one of our friendly reception team or pop in and see us.





We Offer A Range Of Tooth Restorations For All Our Patients Near Aylesford

Although the teeth are made from sturdy stuff, they are prone to damage and if you have a chipped, broken or worn tooth, we have treatments that can help to restore tooth function and improve the look of the smile. We also have a range of options for patients with missing teeth, including dental bridges.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are restorations, which are designed to protect teeth that have been damaged either through injury or decay. With a crown in place, the tooth is stronger and therefore you are able to enjoy better functionality.

Crowns sit over the top of the tooth and are sometimes known as caps; they can be made from ceramics or metals and are an excellent option for fractured teeth, teeth with large fillings and severely decayed teeth. Crowns are often an option when a cavity is too large for a filling or an infection has spread to the root canals; in this case, a crown is placed following root canal treatment.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are another type of dental restoration; they are used to replace a missing tooth. Bridges are an appealing option because the treatment process is quick and simple and this treatment is more affordable than dental implants. The aim of a bridge is to replace a tooth and in so doing, bridge a gap. The most common type of bridge is a fixed bridge, which comprises a false tooth, which is supported on either side by a crown. Once a fixed bridge is in place, it can only be removed by a dentist.

There are various materials that can be used to make a dental bridge and we often recommend ceramic bridges because they produce the most natural result. In this case, you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the false tooth and the natural tooth.

Bridges offer many benefits for patients; they are custom-designed for the individual, they last around 10-15 years, the treatment process is easy and hassle-free and you can enjoy the benefits of treatment within 2 weeks.



How Do White Fillings Work For Patients Near Rochester

White fillings are commonly used to repair and restore teeth with cavities and they present an aesthetically pleasing alternative to mercury amalgam fillings. We offer new fillings, as well as replacement white fillings for old metal fillings.

What are white fillings and how do they work?

White fillings are fillings made from composite, which is a very versatile material with a range of uses in modern dentistry. Composite is available in different shades and we are able to choose the closest match for the best aesthetics.

Fillings are restorations, which are designed to fill cavities, which are small holes in the tooth. By filling a hole, the tooth is strengthened and the risk of infection spreading through the tooth is reduced. Without a filling, the tooth would continue to weaken and the risk of infection spreading to the pulp and the root canals would be increased; this means that it is likely that a patient would end up needing more complex treatment, such as a crown and root canal treatment.

What are the benefits of white fillings?

White fillings are advantageous because they strengthen and protect the teeth without having a negative impact on the look of the tooth. It is not possible to distinguish between the filling and the rest of the tooth because composite is so closely matched to the tooth shade. There are also concerns about the safety is using mercury and this is a much safer and more environmentally friendly treatment.

The procedure

Many people dread having dental treatment but having a filling is nothing to worry about. Before we start treatment, we will numb the tooth to make sure that you feel comfortable and you don’t feel any pain. Once the tooth is numb, we will start the procedure by removing decayed tissue from the cavity and then cleaning it to ensure there are no harmful bacteria lurking around. We will then apply bonding agent to the cavity to help the composite to stick. The composite is then placed inside the cavity and spread and shaped to fit the hole perfectly; once this is complete, your dentist will shine a curing light onto the cavity to set the composite and make it firm. This only takes a few seconds and it isn’t painful.

Once the composite is hard, your dentist will check the filling and make any final modifications.

We Also Offer Facial Aesthetic Treatments For A Wrinkle Free Smile Near Rochester

At Kent Smile Studio, we believe in giving our patients choices and access to the best treatments on the market and we are delighted to offer facial rejuvenation treatment to match gorgeous smiles with beautiful, youthful skin. As we get older, the signs of ageing become visible in the complexion and this can affect confidence and self-esteem. With our non-surgical facial treatments, we are able to provide a solution for wrinkles, lines and folds and refresh tired looking, ageing skin to give you bags of confidence, as well as a stunning complexion.

About Botox

Botox is a very popular non-invasive facial treatment, which helps to smooth the skin by reducing muscular contraction in the face. This treatment is often used to combat wrinkles around the eyes, nose and mouth and on the forehead and a single treatment session can make you look years younger.

Botox is a purified form of toxin, which is injected into the skin; it works by blocking the nerve signals, which cause the facial muscles to contract. As a result of reduced contraction, the skin appears smoother and the visibility of lines and wrinkles is greatly reduced.

Is Botox a permanent solution for ageing?

Botox is not a permanent treatment and the results usually last for around 4 months. After this time, it is possible to repeat treatment. Botox is often a good solution for people who want younger looking skin without the stress or risk of cosmetic surgery. With surgery, there are risks attached to going under anesthetic, as well as recovery time and side-effects to consider. In contrast, Botox treatment is temporary, there is no need for anaesthetic and there is no recovery time.

How long does treatment take?

You often hear about Botox being squeezed into a lunch break in the news and it really is possible to do this, if you wish to, as treatment is very quick and the sessions are short with no recovery time required afterwards. Typically, a treatment session takes around 20 minutes. We simply inject Botox into the areas of skin you want to target using a very fine needle and repeat until all the areas have been covered. You will then be free to go and you’ll start to notice the results shortly after.



Transform Your Smile With Our Stunning Dental Veneers Near Rainham

If you’re searching for a treatment, which can literally transform your smile, dental veneers could be the perfect choice. Veneers have long been used to create beautiful, bright smiles and we have many years of experience in successfully completing stunning veneer makeovers. If your idea of a perfect smile is a beautiful set of sparkling, glossy pearly whites, call us now and book your consultation!

The ins and outs of veneers

Dental veneers come in various guises and there are many different systems on the market. Veneers are wafer-thin tooth-shaped sheets of porcelain or other materials, which are fixed onto the natural teeth to create the aesthetic of a flawless smile. The two most common types of veneer are composite and porcelain veneers. Composite veneers are a more affordable option, while porcelain veneers are renowned for their stunning iridescent finish.

Porcelain veneers are a very popular choice for celebrities and treatment has become extremely popular over the last decade. With veneers, it is possible for us to create truly stunning smiles from the most unsightly set of teeth. We can use veneers to provide a solution for staining or chipped or worn teeth and we can also help to cover gaps in the smile with veneers. We also see many patients who want their smile to look brighter, whiter and more noticeable and veneers are a very good option in this case.

Veneer treatment

Veneer treatment is simple and there is very little pain involved. When you have chosen your veneers and discussed the design of your smile with our amazing dentists, they will prepare your teeth and create the impressions for your new veneers. Preparation is required to make space for the veneers and involves simply taking away an ultra-thin layer of the tooth surface. Once the teeth are ready, an impression is created using dental putty and this is used as the mould for your new veneers by highly skilled dental technicians.

When your veneers are ready, we will put them in position over your teeth and allow you to have a look and check that you are pleased with the fit and the look; we will then secure them onto your teeth using very strong dental adhesive.



Receive A Quick And Stress Free Way Of Replacing Missing Teeth Near Gillingham

Have you lost a tooth? Are you worried about how it will impact your health and confidence? Are you desperate for a quick and effective solution? Allow us to introduce you to Tooth Now, a tooth replacement treatment, which enables us to restore your smile in just a single day. If you thought instant results were an impossible dream, we have amazing news: your dental woes could be banished a lot sooner than you thought!

What is Tooth Now?

Tooth Now is a same-day implant treatment, which enables us to restore your smile and boost your confidence quickly. With this treatment, we are able to fit the implant and the temporary restoration on the same day, so you can enjoy a beautiful smile and improved tooth functionality without a long wait.

Our special Tooth Now package includes everything, from the initial consultation, to the placement of the final restoration and it is available for just £2,550. The price is inclusive of a consultation, tooth extraction, placement of the implant and any CT scans, placement of the temporary tooth and the final restoration.

What are the benefits of Tooth Now?

Tooth Now provides a rapid alternative to traditional dental implant treatment for patients who are desperate for a solution straightaway. With implants, there is no risk of a denture slipping or becoming loose, the implants are easy to care for and they are designed to last for many years. You will be able to eat normally, your speech will be clear and best of all, you can enjoy showing off your smile. Our inclusive package price takes care of every aspect of your treatment and our amazing dentists will be there every step of the way to help you through the treatment process and enable you to enjoy an incredible new smile.

To find out more, simply give us a call!