We Offer Our Patients A Twelve-Step Dental Health Check Near Rochester

Our aim is to promote good oral health and enable our patients to enjoy strong and healthy teeth and gums. With our 12-point routine health checks, we offer a thorough service to ensure that any problems are spotted and treated quickly and to reduce the risk of dental disease in the future. We strongly recommend 6-monthly checks for all our patients.

What does the 12-point dental check include?

Our 12-point dental check includes the following:

  • discussion about how you feel about your oral health
  • discussion about any problems or symptoms you have noticed or any concerns you have about your oral health
  • discussion about medical history or any illnesses or conditions, which could have a bearing on your oral health
  • discussion about the look of your smile; are you happy with your smile or are there things you would like to change?
  • examination of the teeth
  • examination of fillings and other restorations to check their condition
  • examination of the gums
  • checks for plaque and tartar
  • examination of the soft tissue inside the mouth, the inside of the cheeks, the tongue, lips and roof of the mouth
  • examination of the exterior of the mouth
  • checks underneath and around the teeth
  • checks on the supportive bone tissue

During your check-up we will also perform oral cancer checks and discuss oral hygiene with you. We can recommend oral hygiene products, help with brushing and flossing technique and provide advice and information about changing your diet and giving up smoking.

If you need treatment after your check-up, such as a filling for a cavity, for example, we will explain what is needed and why and then arrange an appointment at a suitable time for you. If you’ve expressed an interest in cosmetic treatment or orthodontics, we can also discuss some options with you and make an appointment for a consultation to talk about your options in more detail.



We Use The Latest Innovative Dental Technology On Our Patients Near Rainham

At Kent Smile Studio we are a forward-thinking bunch and we like to ensure we are at the forefront of the dental world. We like to keep up with new innovations and we’re always looking for new treatments to offer our patients; we also aim to ensure that we provide our clients with the best technology out there to enhance patient care, reduce treatment time, eliminate pain and ensure the best possible results.

We are proud to have a CT scanner on site and we use this to facilitate accurate and effective implant treatment.

About our CT scanner

We have a Sirona XG3D scanner on site, which enables us to obtain incredibly detailed images of the mouth within seconds; we use these images for treatment planning and diagnostics.

Our CT scanner is particularly useful for dental implant treatment. We use scans during the planning stage to ascertain whether patients are a suitable match for implants and check the density of the bone tissue in the jaw and we also plot the placement of the implant using the images. CT scan images are much more detailed than traditional X-rays and this means we can find the best site for the implant with pin-point precision.

With detailed images to hand, we can also show patients where the implants will be fitted and enable them to gain a better understanding of the treatment process and what it entails.

What happens when you have a CT scan?

Having a CT scan is nothing to worry about and you don’t need to do anything special in preparation. We simply ask you to hold your head still while the scanner works its magic and obtains the images of your mouth. You will need to remove any jewellery from the head and neck before your scan and we will explain exactly what is going to happen. The scan should only take a few minutes.



How Does Laser Dentistry Work For Patients Near Gillingham?

Laser dentistry has an increasingly important role to play within modern dentistry and we are delighted to offer our patients the latest laser dental treatments. With our innovative Quicklase laser technology, we can offer quicker, more comfortable and accurate treatment.

What is Quicklase and how does laser dentistry work?

Our Quicklase Power Pen has a range of different uses and we use laser dentistry with increasing frequency. Laser treatment can be used for the following:

  • detection and treatment of dental decay
  • shaping and contouring the gums
  • sterilisation
  • endodontic treatment
  • periodontic treatment

Laser treatment often replaces traditional techniques, which reduces treatment and healing time, makes treatment less daunting and more comfortable for nervous patients and increases accuracy.

Laser technology works by emitting powerful laser beams, which have a range of functions, as listed below. Laser technology can replace instruments such as drills and scalpels.

What are the advantages of laser treatment?

Laser treatment offers a host of advantages for patients and dentists, including:

  • faster treatment
  • improved accuracy
  • increased patient comfort and reduced anxiety
  • replaces drilling and reduces pain, often eliminating the need for injections
  • eliminates the need to make incisions, reducing the risk of infection and decreasing recovery time
  • cleaner, quieter treatment
  • amazing results

We often find that patients who suffer from dental anxiety find laser treatment much less daunting and nerve-wracking because lasers are silent and they replace drilling and usually eliminate injections and needles from the procedure. Treatment is painless and there are very few risks involved.

If you’re interested in laser treatment or you would like to find out more about this amazing innovation, simply call and book a consultation.


Reveal A More Youthful Beautiful Smile With Our Range Of Cosmetic Dental Treatments Near Aylesford

If you dream of a youthful, beautiful smile to start the New Year in style, allow us to introduce you to our dazzling range of cosmetic dental treatments. We are confident that we can transform your smile and boost your confidence, so what are you waiting for?

Our cosmetic dental treatments

We offer an array of cosmetic dental treatments, which can help to improve the look of your teeth and gums and enable you to enjoy increased confidence when you take to the stage for a presentation, you meet up with old friends you haven’t seen for a while or you show off your smile on a first date. Whatever your dental woes, we can find a fix!

Our cosmetic dental treatment list includes:

  • tooth whitening
  • cosmetic bonding
  • smile design and smile makeovers
  • white fillings
  • gum contouring
  • composite and porcelain veneers
  • porcelain crowns
  • invisible braces

We can offer individual treatments or combine a series of treatments together to form a bespoke smile makeover.

How could cosmetic dentistry benefit me?

Cosmetic dentistry has major benefits for the appearance of the smile, but its advantages are far-reaching; you will also feel more confident and studies show that you are more likely to succeed in the dating game and secure a job if you have an attractive smile. Your smile is one of your most iconic and influential features and you show it off hundreds of times a day without even really thinking about it. A gorgeous bright smile can really make a difference, especially if you have issues about the look of your smile or you lack confidence in your appearance. Most treatments are painless and quick and the results are visible immediately after treatment.

If you have any questions about cosmetic dentistry or you’re interested in having treatment, our dental team is on hand to answer questions and explore the many exciting options with you; simply give us a call and arrange an appointment.


Which Fillings Are Right For You Near Rochester?

Fillings are used commonly in dentistry to repair and protect decayed teeth. If you have a cavity, a hole in the tooth, you will usually be advised to have a filling. There are various different types of filling available, including white fillings and mercury amalgam fillings.

About fillings

Fillings are a restorative treatment, which are used to fill cavities to stem the spread of infection in a tooth and make the tooth stronger and more resistant to decay and injury in the future. If you have a decayed tooth and it is left untreated, the tooth will get weaker with time and the risk of extensive infection and abscesses will increase. Filling the tooth usually eliminates the need for more intensive treatment, such as a crown or root canal treatment.

Which are the better fillings?

White fillings are made from resins and dental composite, while amalgam fillings are made from a mixture of metals, including mercury. White fillings, as you can probably guess from the name, are white in colour so they blend in with the surrounding tooth structure. Mercury amalgam fillings are silver and can therefore be seen clearly.

Aside from the superior aesthetics provided by white fillings, dental composite is also a safer and more environmentally friendly material than mercury amalgam. Some people have concerns about the health implications of using mercury and although amalgam fillings are approved for use in the UK, white fillings are generally considered to be a safer option.

If you need a filling or you’re thinking of having your metal fillings replaced, call us now and arrange an appointment.


How Do All-On-4 Dental Implants Differ From Traditional Dental Implants Near Chatham?

We are delighted to offer All-on-4 as part of our incredible range of implant treatments. With this innovative system, we are able to replace missing teeth in a single day, saving you time and enabling you to enjoy the myriad benefits of dental implants!

What is All-on-4 and how is it different?

All-on-4 is an implant system, which offers same-day results. This treatment uses four dental implants to support a new arch of teeth; two implants are located at the front of the jaw and two sit at the back. Once the implants are in place, the new restorations can be attached immediately.

All-on-4 differs to traditional implant treatment because it uses just for implants; normally between 6 and 10 implants are needed to support a full arch of teeth. The position of the implants also differs and this system makes use of the strongest, densest bone tissue at the front of the jaw; the angle of the back implants is also different, as traditionally implants are placed at 90 degree angles and in this case, the angle is 45 degrees.

Treatment time is also a major difference between All-on-4 and traditional treatment, as usually, implant treatment takes between 3 and 8 months. With All-on-4 the results are instantaneous and the entire treatment process is completed in just one day.

What are the benefits of All-on-4?

All-on-4 provides instant results and it offers solutions to many of the problems encountered by denture-wearers. With implants in place to secure the new teeth, patients have peace of mind that the teeth are completely stable and there is no risk of slipping. You can also enjoy enhanced power when you bite and chew, your face will look younger because of the support provided by the implants and your smile will look beautiful and healthy.


Nervous Patients Can Seek The Benefits Of IV Sedation Near Gillingham

It’s very common for patients to be nervous when they see their dentist and at Kent Smile Studio we gear the care we provide to the individual and offer sedation and other techniques, such as laser dentistry, to ensure that patients are able to feel calm and relaxed and avoid painful treatment when they are with us. Our studio is calming and tranquil, out staff team is friendly and compassionate and our dentists are experienced in caring for patients who feel anxious and worried.

If you’re scared of having a dental procedure or you suffer from nerves every time you even think about going to the dentist, we can help. With sedation, we can help you to feel more relaxed in preparation for your treatment, as well as during the actual procedure.

What is IV sedation?

IV (intravenous) sedation is a technique we use to help our nervous patients to feel calmer and prevent them from feeling any discomfort when they have dental treatment. It involves using sedative medication, which is injected into a vein in the arm, to bring the body and mind into a state of complete relaxation.

When you are sedated, you won’t feel any pain and you will feel completely calm. Sedation is not the same as general anaesthetic and you won’t actually lose consciousness. After sedation, you’ll probably feel a bit drowsy and you won’t remember much about the procedure.

When will I be able to go home?

It takes a little time for the effects of sedative to wear off completely, but you will b able to go home shortly after the procedure has finished. We ask patients to organise a lift home with a friend or relative and to ensure that somebody is with them for 24 hours after treatment. It’s advisable to avoid driving, exercising, drinking alcohol, operating machinery or making any important decisions for the first 24 hours.

If you’d like to find out more about sedation or talk to a dentist about undergoing treatment at Kent Smile Studio, call now or pop in and see us. We are happy to show you around and chat to you before you have treatment to make you feel more comfortable and enable you to meet the team.

You Can Keep Your Orthodontic Treatment A Secret With Our Invisible Braces Treatment Near Aylesford

Have you ever wished you could have the super-power of becoming invisible? If you’re one of the many orthodontic patients out there who has been longing for a solution, which enables secret treatment, we have great news! With our invisible braces, we can transform your smile without anybody knowing!

About our invisible braces

We offer incredible invisible braces, which offer you the opportunity to get the smile of your dreams without any worries about being spotted with braces. With our light, clear aligners, we can tackle issues with misalignment and poor positioning in complete secret.

Our high grade plastic aligners are completely transparent, with no unsightly metal parts, and they glide over the teeth for a comfortable fit. Each aligner is custom-made and the appliances work in order; each one is slightly different and the changes in shape allow for movement.

When can clear aligners be used?

Clear aligners are suitable for patients with varying orthodontic issues and are generally recommended for those with minor or moderate problems, including crowding, crooked teeth, misaligned teeth and spaces in the smile. Sometimes, in complex cases, where a lot of movement is needed, fixed braces offer a better option, as they provide greater support and stability for the teeth. Your dentist will be able to discuss options with you once they have assessed your orthodontic needs.

What are the advantages of clear aligners?

Many patients are understandably worried about having braces because of how it will affect their looks and with invisible braces, this doesn’t have to be a concern at all. Clear aligners are undetectable and this means you can sail through the treatment process without any concerns about what other people will say or think or how you will feel when you look in the mirror. Aligners sit comfortably over the teeth and they use gentle forces to prevent pain; there are no unsightly metal parts and no wires or bands to trap bits of food. You also take the aligners out to brush your teeth and eat, so this makes life much easier and reduces the risk of oral health problems, such as decay.


Deciding On The Right Choice Of Veneer Treatment For You Near Rochester

Veneers are incredibly popular, but which type of veneer is best for you and how do you choose from all the veneer systems out there?

We offer composite and porcelain veneers to cater for patients with varying preferences and a range of budgets. We tailor each patient’s treatment to suit their needs and fulfil their treatment aims and we are always here to answer questions, address any worries or concerns and to help with designing your perfect new smile.

Composite veneers

Composite veneers are a more affordable option than porcelain veneers and they are a popular choice for patients who have issues such as worn down edges, chipped teeth and discolouration. Composite resin veneers can be bonded directly onto the tooth surface and they are made on-site, so treatment time is short.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are famed for creating stunning smiles and they are often the choice of celebrities looking for that Hollywood style smile. Porcelain veneers look bright, healthy and radiant and they are an excellent choice for anyone who dreams of a flawless white smile. Like composite veneers, they are often used when patients have chipped, stained or uneven teeth. Porcelain veneers are crafted at a dental laboratory and then bonded onto the teeth; this session usually takes place around 2 weeks later.

With porcelain veneers, you can choose different shades and shapes to customise your smile and you can guarantee a stunning iridescent finish. Porcelain veneers are often associated with ultra glamorous smiles, but they can also be used to create a very natural and subtle look; we work to each individual patient’s preferences and specifications and invite you to get involved in the design to ensure the best results possible.

Which veneers are best for me?

There are pros and cons of composite and porcelain veneers and when you have your consultation, our amazing dentists will go through these with you and help you to decide which option is best for you.


We Can Replace A Lost Tooth In Just One Visit Near Chatham!

If you’ve lost a tooth, we can replace it in just one day! There’s no need to worry about hiding away from the world for weeks on end; we can restore your smile and your confidence in a single treatment session. With Tooth Now, your smile will be restored to its former glory in no time!

What is Tooth Now?

Tooth Now is a same-day tooth replacement method, which offers a faster alternative to traditional implant treatment and eliminates the need for temporary dentures. This innovative treatment enables patients to enjoy all the benefits of a new tooth in just one day.

Tooth Now is a rapid implant treatment, which provides a solution for patients who want to enjoy the many advantages of implant treatment without the wait. Usually, implant treatment takes up to 8 months, so this is a much faster option.

The treatment process

Before treatment, you will have a consultation and your Kent Smile Studio dentist will discuss the treatment with you, explain what the procedure involves and answer any questions you have. You will have a CT scan to enable your dentist to check that you are a suitable candidate for this treatment and then any preparatory treatment, such as extraction, will be carried out. The CT scan images will also help your dentist to locate the best site for the implant; the implant is placed in a socket inside the jaw bone and the temporary restoration is then connected. The permanent restoration will then be fitted when the implant has healed fully.

Tooth Now treatment is minimally invasive and healing time is short; you won’t feel any pain and you’ll be able to see the results immediately.

We offer a treatment package, which is inclusive of the consultation, CT scans, extraction, implant placement and temporary and permanent restoration placement for £2,550. Call now to make your appointment!