Your 12-Point Private Dental Health Check made clear

At each 12-Point Dental Health Check, our dentists assess the overall health of your mouth in each of the following areas. We aim to keep you as healthy as we can in each one, so that you reduce your risk of potential problems, treatment and feel confident in your smile. We also provide an Oral Cancer Check on all our patients.

  1. We ask what level of health you feel your mouth is at when you attend our studio.
  2. Are you concerned about any aspects of your dental health?
  3. Do you have medical conditions, or are you taking any medicines, which are likely to impact on your dental health?
  4. Is the appearance of your smile how you want it to be? Are you happy with it?
  5. We examine your teeth to ensure they are healthy and strong.
  6. We examine fillings and other tooth restorations to ensure their sturdiness and health.
  7. We examine the health of your gums – because we know this is essential if your teeth are to last a lifetime!
  8. We check for any plaque in the mouth (this causes damage to mouths – but can be managed to maintain health!).
  9. We perform an examination of the inside of your mouth (including tongue, cheeks, lips, floor and roof of mouth) to ensure optimum health.
  10. We also examine the exterior of your mouth.
  11. We check under, inside and between the teeth for any problems.*
  12. Lastly, we check the quality of bone as this is essential for supporting teeth.*

We will then tell you how healthy we find you in each area and provide details on ways to:

  • Maintain dental health, or
  • Improve dental health (and make you less prone to need treatment in the future, experience bad breath, lose teeth or incur other problems!).

*Our checkup of these areas are revised via ultra low dosage radiographs – taken in the region of every 1 to 2 years.

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